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Notary Education Offered in New Jersey

Academy for Notaries offers notary education at local colleges of private sessions at your arranging for your employees throughout New Jersey.  




New Jersey Notary Public Education Training Course

4.0 CE Units for Employees of New Jersey Registrar's Office

Academy For Notaries makes getting your New Jersey Notary Public Commission easy. All you need to do is register for a four hour Notary Public educational course at one of the local colleges listed.

The course will teach you how to perform your duties as a New Jersey Notary Public with ease and confidence. You will acquire skills to keep you and your employer out of legal troubles and learn of new technology that will assist you in your daily duties.

Reserve YOUR Seat Today at a local college near you! Seats are limited. 

If you have questions about the notary education, please contact us at

Your Registration will get you...
Four (4) Hour Seminar
In class exercises and real-life examples
All materials are included
Many opportunities to ask questions during all scheduled breaks

You will learn....
Learn steps for a proper notarization
Learn how to complete the Notary Journal
Learn how to examine the Identification presented
Simple explanations of New Jersey Notary Laws
Avoid serious problems by learning how to perform notarization's without errors

At the end of the seminar all participants will be issued a "Proof of Completion" if allowed by the college.

Seminar Fee:  Registration is completed at each college and the fees may vary. Please contact your local college for more information. All policies and procedures for the college will apply.

Notary Supplies:  All notary supplies and tools will be for sale at the end of all seminars IF allowed by the colleges scheduled. Please refer all questions to the college you are registering with if this is a concern. Academy for Notaries is simply following polices of the host college. Purchases at the time of the seminar are offered at a discounted rate. All purchases after the seminar will be at regular price. Orders can be submitted online, mail or fax.

Materials you will need prior to the Notary Public Education Course:  Please visit the Notary Public Website from the State of New Jersey to obtain a copy of the Official New Jersey Notary Public Handbook.

What to bring with you the day of the seminar.....
Most importantly, please come rested to the seminar. This is very important to your success. The day will be filled with lots of important information.
Pencil or Pen to take notes
Highlighter to use with your handbook for important facts.
Snack if desired.

Course Catalog Description:  There is a growing need for Notaries Public in many professions, including, financial, real estate, business and legal professions. This class will educate you on how to become a valuable employee and how to better protect your employers business.You will be given detailed instructions on how to obtain your notary commission for the State of New Jersey. Additionally, you will acquire skills and tools to complete your state assigned job duties as described by the New Jersey Department of Revenue. Completion of this course will give any notary (new or renewing) the ability to perform all notary duties with less liability and more confidence! You will learn the answer to these questions:    
  • What can a New Jersey Notary do?    
  • What should a New Jersey Notary do?    
  • What is my liability as a New Jersey Notary?    
  • What is my employer’s liability as a New Jersey Notary?    
  • How can I earn money as a New Jersey Notary?
                         And MORE!!!

Completion of the full course will conclude with a certificate of completion from the instructor if allowed by the college. Biography: Academy for Notaries by Jennie Stormes is a local provider of notary education and meets all the requirements set forth to be eligible to submit a notary application to the Department of Treasury for New Jersey.  All materials are updated to include current legislative changes and current issues related to the office of the notary public.  This course will walk you through the process to become a notary public, explain all the current laws and discuss many current legal issues surrounding the notary public in today's environment with personal issues and employment situations. 
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